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Flat-free tires for garden carts, wheelbarrows

Copyright M. D. Vaden: 2009

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Several years ago, I made the switch to flat free tires for all my garden carts, wheelbarrows and handtrucks. One of the best small landscape tool investments ever. For this topic, I added a small video. The video shows the some abuse that flat free tires can endure. On the landscape garden tools scale of 1 to 10 for small investments, this is a easy 10. This windows movie file should display and play in IE or Firfox browsers.

That flat free tires should be flat free is more or less a no-brainer. But whether they disintegrate or not, may be an unknown to many people. The info here is for those who don't know what they are made of or wonder how the material reacts after damage. Some are micro-cellular polyurethane. To many gardeners that means little. What's important to some buyers is do flat-free tires get dents? Do pieces or chunks tear away when impaled objects pull loose? Why guess, when we can see. Benefits include:

1. No need to carry a tire air pump. 2. Time saved by not needing to check air pressure. 3. On gentle slopes, tires don't "schlog" sideways on the rim.

Some hardware stores sell wheelbarrows with flat free tires. There are also flat free bicycle tires too..