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Landscape and Garden Edging - Bender Board - Benda Board

Updated 2009 - Mario D. Vaden

This is an advice page for a garden edging product we like called Benda Board or Bendaboard. Use this link for Benda Board to find a supplier in your area. Near Portland, Oregon, one wholesale supply is Horizon Irrigation in Tigard at 503-670-9449 and in Sherwood for retail is Valley Landscape Supply at 503-692-0606

This is a very flexible landscape edging. It's not the old style fragile wood Bender Board. Instead, Benda Board is tough, flexible and easy to use. It may be fragile in cold temps, but we have only broke one piece in 5 years trying to straighten a piece too quickly.

This comes in 20' sections of edging, so flexible that it can be coiled inside a truck bed or SUV for easy transport. Stakes are usually available from suppliers too. You should contact the distributer for a retailer. CONTACT: Benda Board Website.

Wood garden edging can splinter or break. Steel edging tends to have a narrow exposed edge that could injure children who may fall on the narrow edge. The Benda Board (synthetic bender board) edge, has a wider edge. It's attatractive, and the near 4" height is easy to work with. Below are 2 example of projects where we used that edging.

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