Tree Care Album 6

Photos and comments are about tree care and pruning. Pics show various problems and solutions, including topping damage, sunburn and other structural aspects woth knowing about.

Copyright 2005-2011 or as noted by M. D. Vaden. Images divided into several albums.

Pine pitch moth larvae

Pine pitch moth larvae. Not fun to remove. Lumps of pitch they cause hide them.

Hemlock blow over by storm with exposed roots

This shows were the term root plate comes from. Storm blew this Hemlock over.

Verticillium wilt

Can kill maples like Vine or Japanese maple. Sometimes dark streaks are present.

Cedar bark wound, damage trunk

Construction company trailer was backed into this Cedrus trunk.

trunk repair

Bark trim. An entire 4" strip on the left was separated.

Dead White Birch

What ended the life of this Birch. Probably repetitive topping, plus root damage.

Rotted wood in Birch trunk

From the topping. Decayed so much that it's like soil. This was the upper 6 foot area.

Chainsaw and trunk sections

The decay shows in each piece. This birch had decay moving upward from root damage too.