Tree Care Album 2

Photos and comments are about tree care and pruning. Pics show various problems and solutions, including topping damage, sunburn and other structural aspects woth knowing about.

Copyright 2005-2011 or as noted by M. D. Vaden. Images divided into several albums.

Western redcedar growing into wood deck

Don't wait until the trunk grows against the deck. Design deck joists to accomodate growth.

Removal of wood to allow trunk and bark expansion

Wood cut away to allow space for wood growth. This was Western Redcedar.

Wood decay fungi on Sitka Spruce trunk

Wood decay is not preferrable, but is not always fatal. Fungi conks are evidence of decay.

Excluded bark ridge between codominant stems

Bark between leaders has small ridge upward: excluded bark. Better than included bark.

Using handsaw to prune extra stem

If a codominent stem needs removal, don't cut into the center bark ridge between.

Branch collar on Atlas Cedar

Branch collar on an Atlas Cedar. When pruning to remove limbs, don't cut past that point.

Pruning removal of branch

A proper pruning cut leaving the undamaged branch collar intact.