Tree Care Album 1

Photos and comments are about tree care and pruning. Pics show various problems and solutions, including topping damage, sunburn and other structural aspects woth knowing about.

Copyright 2005-2011 or as noted by M. D. Vaden. Images divided into several albums.

tree house in Oregon

Tree house near Cave Junction. Plan for plenty of trunk expansion when building these.

fasciated twig on maple

Fasciated tips on a red maple street tree. No crisis. Pruning removal would help someday.

girdled trunk on Deodar Cedar

Deodar Cedar girdled by rope or twine left on trunk after stakes were removed.

Included bark in flowering plum wood

Dark area is weak included bark: no bond. Resulted from neglecting pruning.

topped Bigleaf Maple with decay in trunk

Previous topping of Bigleaf Maple caused decay across most of the inside diameter.

Wide canopy on Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress reached 45' wide canopy in 21 years. Not a good conifer for small spaces.