Tree Care Album 5

Photos and comments are about tree care and pruning. Pics show various problems and solutions, including topping damage, sunburn and other structural aspects woth knowing about.

Copyright 2005-2011 or as noted by M. D. Vaden. Images divided into several albums.

Branch stum

Pruning judgement. Leave stub? Is it grafted now?

Sweet gum split by rain and wind

This is what weak "V" unions between codominant trunks can lead too.

Fasciated Flowering Cherry twig

Not rare, but not common. Fasciated twig on Flowering Cherry. Can be pruned off.

Included bark in plum trunk

Dark area between is another example of included bark. A weak zone.

House smashed by trunk which fell during a storm

This is what happens when pruning is not done and when trunks are too close.

Bladder mites on maple leaves

Small bladder mites cause this leaf reaction. No big deal. In a way, its interesting.