Tall Coast Redwoods along Hiking Trail.

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This site has over 200 pages of content. If you ever lose your spot, return here or to the home page. The menu below leads to landscape and tree care topics, some favorite Oregon trails, and reams about coast redwoods.

There are 2 main index pages for landscape and tree tips. The menu above also adds safe woods for use with pet bird perches and toys.

Around 2002, a lot of people from other states and countries began visiting our site, and I added Oregon outdoor content for some extra. The most popular section by far are the coast redwoods pages.

I used to a provide a search box below so people could search for something on this website's pages. But in 2017, Google sent a note that the script or box may flag an uneccessary alert, so I deleted the search box.

An easy alternative is using your own brower's search box and entering "mdvaden" plus any text of interest to see if it's something I covered on one of my pages.

Header photo: Largest known Coast Redwood, Lost Monarch