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This site has over 200 pages of content. If you lose your spot return here or the home page. The menu below leads to landscape and tree care topics and a few favorite Oregon trails. The most extensive information is about coast redwoods where you may feel like you landed in another website. It's still inside mdvaden, but our son spent a couple days working on it's look and menu. The menu above also adds safe woods for use with pet bird perches and toys. The content was reviewed by a couple of avian vets.

I started the landscape and tree topics around 2000 to 2006 and haven't edited them much since then. They should be accurate, but there may be a couple typos, etc. because there's a ton of content. But the bulk of general facts and accuracy should hold true for years into the future.

The coast redwood pages began to appear in 2008 and that's the section I work on the most and update more frequently.

I have an entirely different site for portraits and photography which our other son completely revamped for us in 2018. You can visit that one at vadenphotography.com



One extra section covers favorite Oregon area hiking trails