Tree Care Album 4

Photos and comments are about tree care and pruning. Pics show various problems and solutions, including topping damage, sunburn and other structural aspects woth knowing about.

Copyright 2005-2011 or as noted by M. D. Vaden. Images divided into several albums.

Trunk failure on Austrian Black Pine

This pine trunk failure could have been prevented with a finger size cut, when planted.

Wetwood on trunk

Bacterial wetwood. Causes decay resistance, but hinders closure of wounds.

Flowering Cherry with bacterial problem

Bacterial disease in Flowering cherry. Just live with it or get rid of the plant.

Wasp oak galls on Oregon oak

Oak apples. From wasps eggs and larvae - no need for concern. Harmless.

Flaky bark on Paperbark maple, Acer griseum

Peeling bark is not always a bad thing. This is Paperbark Maple.

Damaged Red Alder trunk in Lake Oswego

Removal of neighbor's alders exposed this alder to sun, which sunburned trunk.