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This page includes info pertaining to tree discoveries, world record finds, and some news. Most have another full page and links are provided. These involve Mario Vaden, aka M. D. Vaden / or Redwood Forest on FB.


photograph of worlds tallest maple, acer, in redwood forest

Discovery | USA Largest Coast Redwood Trunk 2014

Throughout 2014, we discovered quite a few giants in Redwood National and State Parks. The preliminary measure indicates one of them should be the largest known Coast Redwood trunk. Read more: Year of Discovery

News | USA Tallest Maple Discovered 2012

October 2012, Mario Vaden measures "Humboldt Honey", a new tallest known maple. This Bigleaf Maple is the new USA height record for the Maple (Acer) genus. Found July, 19th, 2012. Possible world record: 2012 Maple Discovery

News | World's Tallest Pines Discovered 2011

January 2011, Vaden joined Taylor to explore Rogue River Siskiyou National Forest for tall pine trees. The expedition yielded 4 new world's tallest pine trees (Ponderosa). The KGW story was written by Paul Fattig, January 23, 2011. Our page has more details including further discovery by Taylor in the same area. Read more: 2011 Pine Discovery

Later, October 2011, the Ponderosa Pines were climbed and re-measured by Ascending the Giants. You can find those stories and video using the link above.

Michael Taylor by waterfall in Siskiyou National Forest after pine discovery news story

The January 2011 story was also repeated locally in Portland by KGW news: KGW News Tallest Pine

Discovery | 2011 - World's Tallest Hemlock found same weekend that the 2011 Tsunami from Japan hit our USA west coast. Read more: Record Western Hemlock Tsunami

Discovery | 2011 - World's Tallest Live-Top Douglas Fir. Read more: Tallest Douglas Firs

Discovery | 2009 - World's Tallest Port Orford Cedar. Read more: Record Port Orford Cedar

News | World's Tallest Christmas Tree 2011

Michael Taylor by waterfall in Siskiyou National Forest after pine discovery news story

December 2010, Mario Vaden was contacted by the Humboldt Convention and Visitor's Bureau in Eureka, California, regarding a living Ferndale Christmas tree.

Mario met a man from HCVB, and drove to Ferndale to laser measure a 150 foot tall Spruce (Coeur d' Alene was supposed to have the world's tallest a 160' tall Pine).

The Ferndale Spruce measured 151.25'

This trigggered a snowballing of events, measuring and news, as Ferndale and Coeur d' Alene continued the rivalry between towns for which one really has the world's tallest living Christmas tree. Mario Vaden still has an offer on the table to measure the Ferndale spruce again to lay the matter to rest, but it seems that fact and fiction have been taken care of by now.

Read more:

Ferndale vs. Coeur d' Alene The Coeur d' Alene Press ran this story January 2011.


Discovery | 2011 - Falcon's Tower Sitka Spruce in Oswald West State Park. A potential contender for an Oregon champion Sitka Spruce. Read more: Largest Spruce Trees in Oregon

Photos below from the 2011 measuring of the world record pine near Grants Pass. And the weather was incredibly good that day. In the top right photo, the climber is not ascending the tree: he is traversing horizontally through the air about 200 feet up, from another adjacent Ponderosa Pine, the one you see him climbing in the left photo. We used a campground in the same forest as a base of operations, shown below in the evening with the sun rays, when we returned.

Climbing of World's tallest Pine tree Climbing of World's tallest Pine tree
Climbing of World's tallest Pine tree Climbing of World's tallest Pine tree