Trunks of big redwoods in the forest

Impact to the Grove Grove of Titans & Donations

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The redwood below was discovered May 1998. To meet this grove after 2013 does not compare because 2012 and afterward the pristine nature changed. What remains can strike visitors as iimpressive, but somebody erased a unique opportunity every future first-timer will never experience. This is the Grove of Titans, not one of the more recent New Discoveries

2016, the parks posted that 3300 squqare meters of plants were damaged. Patches are so worn, new visitors may think this is normal. Anyone who saw it before 2012 realize the difference. Continue after images ...


2010 ... pristine ...


Coast Redwood and Electronic Herbicide before


2015 - plants gone, roots exposed ...


Redwood Screaming Titans showing impact and wear in Grove of Titans


The loss of plants started around 2011 after someone from Medford located the Grove ot Titans and leaked this location. In 2015, a 2nd anonymous person (or organization) harvested more locations undermining parks and researchers again. For any interested, another page shows more examples of change. We know exactly who the 1st person (s) is, and can provide contact details to others researching the evolution of this. They used fictitious names in postings or captions just prior to the grove's declining plant population.

The 2nd anonymous is unknown, although some attributes and proclivity are known (just like when your hand moves under light, the shadow follows perfectly). It's 100% certain one of you saw them in the parks but they blended-in like an average visitor. Somebody may put 2 + 2 together someday and realize who they are. Who knows, they may become like the couple having intercourse along Mill Creek who didn't realize the forest has eyes.

Ripples of activity suggest it's a wannabee that couldn't find an original discovery or preserve a redwood if their life depended on it. To them, big trees have to be no more than stats and collectibles. We suspect a personality type on par with the Colonel Winter in the film Last Castle.


$1000.00 fund

Early 2016, a reward fund was established related to leaked info and wear and tear in Grove ot Titans. The fund grew to $1000.00. I talked to the head ranger and a scientist. Then donors (including Mark Graham) agreed sending the money to the parks for the Grove of Titans and Jedediah Smith park.

In 2017, two news writers published articles about the grove and a plan to build trails. Due to that extra publicity, the parks will need the funds as soon as possible to contend with growing foot traffic. The articles revealed the parks aiming for $1,000,000 to build trail and boardwalks. The $1000 we sent is a fraction. March 2017, the Redwood Parks Conservancy posted that $5000 extra was raised. Bumper stickers were also offered for donations of $25 or more. Certainly the tally will grow.

Maybe a few of you would like to contribute. If so, call the parks for details.

Thank you for reading,

Mario Vaden



Donation 1000 dollars to Jedediah Smith Grove of Titans



The sign below was placed several places in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park to notify visitors. The sign was first posted around July 2016. Another white sign without the state seal and a no hiking symbol was placed among trails. The white sign stated Grove of Titans unlike the one shown referring to a "study plot". Both were placed by Redwood National and State Parks to test the waters with information notifications.



Redwood Screaming Titans showing impact and wear in Grove of Titans