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M. D. Vaden & Roots and Shoots ... Certified Arborists

Friendly pruning, planting & tree services for Medford, Ashland and Portland, Oregon

We are Certified Arborists in Oregon, providing shrub and tree pruning. Mario Vaden provides estimates around Medford, Ashland, Central Point and Jacksonville in southern Oregon. Justin with Roots and Shoots Tree Service provides estimates around the Portland and adjacent towns Beaverton, Wilsonville and Tigard in northern Oregon. We expertly take care of Japanese maple pruning too.


M. D. Vaden Arborist & site owner

Small & Mid-size Tree Pruning Services

Arborists Portland Tree Services

Mario Vaden is a Certified Arborist and pruning specialist with 38 years experience for tree and shrub pruning. See About MDV

Small removals & transplanting are available. Services are provided near Medford, Jacksonville, Central Point, Ashland, and Phoenix in the Rogue Valley.

503 - 984 - 8021

Roots and Shoots Tree Service

Climbing, Arborist & Large Tree Services

Certified Arborists Portland Tree Services

For large Portland tree services requiring climbing, we recommend Roots and Shoots. Justin Keane is a Certified Arborist and friend. Very experienced.

Equipped for with large tree work and pruning. Reliable, conscientious tree services and care. Roots and Shoots Photos

503 - 803 - 1947


Certified Arborists are trained for planting and tree care, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Arborist training is also provided by universities and colleges, but Certified Arborists are tested and certified by the ISA with requirements for CEUs.

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