Oregon Siskiyou National Forest waterfall by M. D. Vaden, arborist

M. D. Vaden Estimates

The Tree & Landscape related services are available near Portland and Beaverton and also Medford / Jacksonville area. Landscape and pruning estimates are usually free. I save estimates for 30 to 40 days because expenses fluctuate, although most people move ahead in a matter of days.

Pruning and Landscape Most projects are according to an estimate (usually free).

Drainage There are drainage estimates (free) and there are drainage consultations. Let me know which one. Consulation often stretches 60 minutes to figure out what the problem is. Estimates will be more like 15 minute visits when you already know the solution and just need a cost estimate. If you are not sure, just ask, the phone call is no charge.

Design Plans The actual drawing process has a fixed fee instead of hourly. The initial meeting can be either a free estimate or a paid consultation. If you only need a group of plants or something simple, that can often be done as a sketch and free estimate.

Advice ... 1 hr. Consultation Visits help homeowners understand their landscaping better and offer solutions. Cost will vary. Typical visits are 1 hour. The minimum consultation visits start at $80 near Beaverton or Tigard and then at least $100 if more than 5 to 10 minutes past those borders.

When it comes to actual work, the minimum project is $80. I believe that hourly rates from companies mean next to nothing. What means everything is the work, what you will pay, and get, when it's all done. Hourly rates don't really tell us anything. On the other hand, firm estimates, when possible, clarify things.

Header Photo: 2011 Siskiyou National Forest, following meeting with news team at the world's tallest pine

M. D. Vaden works in Washington County. Advice calls accepted from Portland | Beaverton | Hillsboro | Lake Oswego | Tigard | Tualatin | West Linn | Wilsonville.