Poison Oak | Poison-oak

Photos of Poison-oak from the Coast Redwoods and Oregon. In winter, Poison-oak looses leaves and you may need to look for clues like remnants of the small stalks which held the berries. The leaves of three let it be phrase is useless after autumn for Poison oak ID.

Poison oak with red leaves

Poison-oak can turn red in autumn, but this image is from the middle of summer .

Poison-oak vine in an Oak

Autumn Poison-oak with pink leaves vining up a an Oak / Quercus. The Oak is green.

Poison oak with larger than normal leaves

Summer Poison oak in the shade with fairly large leaves.

Rhus or Poison-oak in northern Oregon

Summer Poison oak with glossy green leaves in the Columbia River Gorge.

Rhus or Poison oak berry cluster

Cluster of Poison oak berries. Sort of a berrylike-capsule.

Poison oak leaf in the redwoods

Leaf about 80 feet from its 100' tall vine up a redwood. Beware of picking up pretty leaves.

Giant Rhus vine almost 4 inches diameter

Poison oak vines grow to 4" in diameter. Saw one on Hiouchi redwood trail 180 feet tall.

Poison oak fastened to bark on a redwood

You won't see this on shrubby ones in the field. This is how Poison oak fastens to trunks.

Yellow Poison oak leaves

Poison-oak also turns yellow / yellow-green. The next redwood a red leaves vine.

Poison-oak stem cut showing growth rings and age

Enlarged, I counted about 78 rings or years. This was cut near a redwood trail repair.