Wide Angle Lens photographer of Oregon

Wide Angle & Fisheye Lens Photography 1

These are a few photos using Tokina 12-24mm Ultra Wide Angle & 10-17mm Fisheye lenses. Wide angle is to photography, what figure of speech is to words. Some figures lessen emphasis like Euphamism. Others magnify or exaggerate: the people are as numerous as sand by the sea. Likewise with a wide angle lens. We can make the tree in front look huge and the person behind small. Or the person in front, making the discoverer look bigger than the discovery. We can use the lens to include everything, as Asyndeton emphasizes every aspect in a sentence.

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Wide Angle Lens photo of Dinosaur Fossil at OMSI Wide Angle Lens photo of Submarine Memorial at OMSI Wide Angle Lens photo of pizza restaurant
Wide Angle Lens photo of movie theater Wide Angle Lens photo of John Deere machinery Wide Angle Lens image of granite memorial
World's tallest ponderosa pine in 2011 Wide Angle Photo of Michael Taylor by Waterfall Panorama of Sequoiadendron giganteum

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