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Portland Pond & Water Feature Design

Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Hillsboro, Wilsonville, Sherwood

Advice for DYI included too !!

Portland ponds and Beaverton water feature with plants

M. D. Vaden designs compact size water features near Portland, Wilsonville, Beaverton, Tualatin, West Linn and Tigard. Including small decorative creekbeds.

Water features can be affordable and rewarding home improvements, especially if emphasis is placed on the aesthetic design, shrubs and other plants rather than just how much water is pumped over rocks. Our water features tend to be tranquil, mellow and relaxing.

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Watering and Irrigation: In natural settings, waterfall and creek areas are often moistened with humidity or mist, keeping rocks and surrounding scenery green and moist.

Portland SW suburban area water features and birds A few things may attract birds to landscaping, like shrubs with berries, feeders for seed, and trees to perch on. Our experience finds that water features are as good if not more so, than almost everything else. The ultimate pair, seems to be water features and trees in tandem.


Tips for Intalling Ponds, Waterfalls, Creek Beds and Water Features

waterfall in Portland area with sediment

Originally, this page had advice for installation, then I removed it. But after so much positive feedback about the drainage page and advice, I added most suggestions back again. The list below is randomly written and the order is not important unless stated. The tips are provided with Portland or western Oregon in mind.

1. Avoid placing the main pond or reservoir in a low grade part of the landscape if you do not want excess rainwater to runoff into the pond. If a pond is in a low area, a continual flow or surface water can wash-in sediment or dark stain from mulch.

The worst case I encountered was where a neighbor had cut trees for development, and did not mulch the bare earth prior to landscaping while the house was being built. A flow of very muddy water came across the fenceline downhill and made a huge mess of a beautiful water feature.

2. If you need to cut a few roots while excavating for a pond, stub the ends square so they are not pointy. Or, cut them back far enough so the cut ends are a few inches from the rubber pond liner.

3. Sometimes there are small pointy rocks or nails in soil that are hard to see. Even if you use a fabric under the rubber liner, use a tamper on the soil surface. Most you will find that require arm strength are a handle with a square metal plate that weighs several pounds. Just lift it and slam the ground with the plate. It can drive sharp ends down a little bit. But you will still want to use a protective pond underlayment fabric beneath the pond liner.

4. It is a good idea to use an underlayment fabric beneath the entire liner of the waterfall or pond. My preference is to double the underlayment in some areas where some extra pressure may occur, like walking with watershoes, etc., for maintenance.


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