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Copyright 2010 - 2016 - Review by M. D. Vaden of Oregon, USA Arborist.

This page reviews arborist forums or tree related forums online, where questions and answers can be posted, read and replied to by pros, amateurs and novices.

These tree forums are sources of ideas, knowledge and tips. Some forums have homeowner assistance, but are not a substitute for hiring an arborist. The info below is an estimation for quality, compentency and user-friendliness of several forums. The competence factor is based on numbers of arborists using the forum, courtesy, experience, transparency, flexibility and professionalism. Plus speed of replies. All these tree or arborist websites have (or had) a forum somewhere.

One other site is worth visiting even though its not a forum: Online Seminars for Municiple Arborists. CEUs were available. Updating December, 2012. I had included registered users from 2010, as a gauge whether participation is growing. As of 2016, I feel that online forum use in general is dwindling. Possibly due to people using Facebook or Youtube for tutorial videos. There are some superb videos on Youtube, but I still think forums excel, offering a better platform for feedback, questions and correction.

Numbers for registered members at tree forums are always higher than the actual participants who continue to visit. And Tree World probably had the greatest chasm between actual participants and registered users. Tree World became defunct but I wanted to leave it in here for a while as a legacy to one of the greatest "crash and burns" stemming from ego and failure of an admin to get along with others in the industry.

Also, I boosted the Treehouse forum's rating to the top because it became apparent there was a lot more expertise in there than first meets the eye. But the Treehouse has mulitple angles of expertise covered, both local and international. It's still what I consider the "Bar Room" of arborist work, but the menu is very good.

Tree Forum Name
Competence, education, ability
Overall manners, conduct and user-friendliness
Tree Buzz

Very Good
Registered Users
6653 in 2012
4995 in 2010

Excellent. Fine for almost any age Posting of photos available. Freedom for debate and some colorful language, but pretty darn clean.
Arbtalk / Arb Talk
Very Good
Registered Users
13,080 in 2012
5633 in 2010
Excellent. Fine for almost any age. For politeness, this is by far my favorite tree forum: reason for double + + Posting of photos. Welcoming to USA arborists. Plenty of general tree information and more.
Arborist Site
Registered Users
88,013 in 2012
48,779 in 2010
Good. Recommended for age 15 and above Posting photos . One of the most visited tree service forums. Should boot more members, but remains tolerant.Seems to prioritize numbers over quality.
UBC Botanical

Some topics archived now

Botanical more so than tree care
Very Good
Multi-national posting common.
Registered Users
29,938 in 2012)
26,027 in 2010
Excellent. Fine for all ages

If the whole site were trees, it would be an A +
Posting of photos. Stems from a university education center. Some categories are archived now. This is an A+ forum for Japanese maple information .
The Treehouse
Masterblaster's Lounge

Registered Users
516 in 2012
313 in 2010
Some content hinges on crude or "R" rated, but that part is mostly behind locked doors of "The Lounge". Age 18 and enter with thick skin. Plenty of polite users too. The site and forum has an interesting blend of USA and international users, experienced in arborist work, logging and more, including Cerfified Arborist and Board Certified Master Arborist participation. There is a rich pool of experience dating back decades.

Posting of photos. The atmosphere is like a tavern of tree forums. A melting pot of tree workers, climbers, etc.. The site does come across as a veteren-climber spot.

Among all forums, this one leaves people the most latitute to speak their mind and political correctness is almost non-existent.

Garden Web
Look for the tree category
So-So to Good
Pretty good, with isolated snarky remarks. Quite a few tree geeks and fanatics. Haven for sharing Japanese maple information and photos. All ages Posting of photos using HTML and image host. There are many categories. Find the forum specified as Trees
Tree World
Registered Users
13,498 in 2012
6711 in 2010
Can be friendly on the surface. But has a negative undercurrent. Age 18 - 21 to deal with potential manipulation. For tree care interaction online, the closest thing to the Berlin Wall or Iron Curtain. Its not by accident that aborist interaction from abroad is limited there. Posting of photos available. Many a decent arborist joined this forum simply to leave for a better. Does not live up to its original promoted purpose. Video was a strength. Has a reasonably good amount of tree facts and topics.
UK Tree Care / UKTC
Due to thick advertising, that's the direct forum URL
Unknown "team of arborists" and others
Content is clean. All ages. If replies were abundant, with arborist identification, this would be an easy B Slowest. Questions not replied to for up to 24 days. Hard to navigate. Thick with ads. Users too anonymous.
Forestry Forums
Various Users Registered Users
13,631 in 2012
No Longer Recommended This forum was added favorably once, even though it was more forestry than arboricultural. Following messages from that site's Administrator plus negative and abrasive posting by others there, it is no longer recommended or rated.