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If you are interested in an estimate for tree transplanting, keep in mind that it is moderately expensive. We also provide shrub transplanting. For a ball-park example, take a look at the Hinoki Cypress below, and read the comments.

transplanting trees

This Hinoki Cypress tree was moved and transplanted from Murrayhill in Beaverton, to a Greenway residence in the same city. It was 10 feet tall to the tip when transplanted: 2003.

The photo of that same tree, to the right, was taken 7 years later in 2010, at 17 feet tall.

That transplant was front yard to front yard. Presently, for a similar move of a 10 tall evergreen, we would need to charge at least $500. That would be entry level estimates.

If that kind of money does not come close to your budget and your will to save a small size tree, then you won't need an estimate.

Someone must be committed save a tree like that and to spare that financial investment.

The tree shown in the photo at 17' tall is as big a plant as I would care to provide a transplanting estimate for.

And room for a tractor to hoist the rootball may be essential. Typically, a move in the same yard.

For something like this, but just 10 feet tall, manual labor and a large dolly may suffice for the project. Although the last move I did was a weeping Japanese maple, just 4 feet tall. And it still took a truck, pulley and rope to move it 8 feet away. The root ball was almost 1000 lbs.

If you are committed to move a tree in the Portland area, I can tell you that I have never transplanted a tree that did not survive. Some may have lost half the leaves the next season and recovered nicely, but no casualites that come to mind.


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