Redwoods in Jedediah Smith Park

Bury me among the Redwoods

Prints on canvas, a memorial to your loved one

by M. D. Vaden

Looking to the future and how to remember our own family, I decided to combine photography with redwoods because a couple of us expect our ashes will be there someday. The idea came to make a print canvas of the grove or park where ashes are laid to rest, then to hang it at home as a memorial art. This same kind of art may be a comfort to others and also close the distance gap between homes and parks. The loved one's name and years can be written on the back of the canvas.

A few people can afford $35,000 for dedicate memorial grove; some cannot. But both may choose to leave ashes, which is allowed (preferably by permit). The memorial print canvas would serve almost anybody.

I already sell photography. The difference here is ensuring that a print canvas art is the same exact park or grove where you laid a love one's ashes to rest.

Presently, I have images for three Redwood National and State Parks or locations in them, sufficient for print canvas of an appreciable size. Adding more is no problem.


Starting at $200 to $350

Size examples: 14 x 14 . . . 16 x 32 . . . 20 x 30


1. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park ... God Rays seen from Howland Hill Rd.

2. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park ... Mill Creek

3. Jedediah Smith Redwoods ... Howland Hill Rd.

4. Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park ... image shown below

5. Prairie Creek Redwoods ... Drury Giant redwood and maples in autumn

6. Prairie Creek Redwoods ... Portrait of Redwood (2011 Save the Redwoods League Contest 3rd Place)

7. Humboldt Redwoods Avenue of the Giants ... View down the Avenue

8. Humboldt Redwoods State Park ... Redwood Grove with Redwood Sorrell


Over time, I can add more. If somebody asks for a photograph of a specific grove or redwood, those require extra time. Certainly you can try this yourself. But if you would like a quality print from a photographer known to appreciate the coast redwoods, feel free to contact me.



Mario Vaden


Image: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park


Coast Redwood Memorial Groves in the Redwoods Parks for cremated ashes