Redwoods in Stout Grove

Coast Redwood Adventures Book

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Copyright 2017 by Mario Vaden

This coast redwood photo album book used to be available at 2nd Street art gallery in Crescent. At the moment, you can order through me. Continue reading following the image for more information.


Grogans Fault redwood, wider than famous redwoods Grove of Titans


Early 2016, the 2nd Street art gallery opened in Crescent City. The idea came to design a photo album coffee table book that people could enjoy and inspire conversation. It has about 44 pages. Most images take up the greater part of each page. Content includes images from my redwood adventures showing some of the largest coast redwoods, a few older discoveries by others and some photos used for my fine art prints. The cover is one of the recent 2014 - 2017 new coast redwood discoveries called Grogan's Fault (Spartan). It's the largest disclosed. One page has the first top-to-bottom photo of Hyperion ever published: the world record discoveriy covered by National Geographic in 2006.

The inside includes albino redwood, curly redwood, carniverous cobra lily, the Smith River, Eel River and a lovely lagoon. Fine art photos include the coast redwood "Geisha", Crescent City harbor sunset and the redwood "Fairy" in Redwood National Park. Also Howland Hill Road, God Rays in the forest, Avenue of the Gants, Prairie Creek elk, redwood burls and Lupine at Bald Hills Road. Then the redwood called "The Dark Horse", plus "Labyrinth" with Chris Atkins, and "Dog Soldier" with Michael Taylor, and a huge coast redwood called "Bigfoot".

I went light on text, but a few pages have in-depth comments about albino redwoods, and what's involved when new stems emerge from trunks and grow toward light. The book is petite, and I want purchasers to understand it's 44 pages, not 44 sheets. The photo album book is 8.5 inches tall x 11 inches wide. Because I order handfuls rather than 1000s, I almost discontinued since my cost runs high per book. But positive feedback kept coming, and these are still available. This edition was designed as a gift shop item, coversation piece, piece of history and keepsake.


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"My general impression is WOW what a wonderful book - beautiful, informative and incredibly inspiring with an excellent selection of photos. Although I visit your web pages daily (to soothe my longing for California) I'm more of a book person and have been hoping that you someday would make one, and here it is."

Fredrik J.


"I just picked up a book in the mail. Beautiful! ... That's wonderful. Well done."

Jerry B.

California, USA

"The Coast Redwood Adventures book arrived today ... I really like this book, it has a nice flow, the pictures are great, and the text adds to the pictures and also provides some interesting information. I didn't know about the mechanism for plants to grow toward light ...."

Mark G.

Illinois, USA