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Position is important when pruning

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The placement of the legs is important. These large garden tools are not hard to find. Typically these come in two foot increments from 6', on up to 16'.

These are just important to consider for safety as are chainsaws or lawnmowers. Before you climb up with your secateurs and pruning saws, be certain that the unit is placed just right.

This video more or less sums up my opinion. It is not meant to supercede any safety instructions .

The attachment shown is something I added. Some manufacturers add similar these days.

One of the best that I ever used were Tallman from Oregon. The one in the video was not a Tallman. And when it was new, the top rung had sharp edges that I rubbed to wear smooth..

You are on your own for mounting pruning equipment holders on these. I haven't attached a pruning handsaw scabbard, but its feasible. I used to hang pruning loppers on mine from a ring, but removed it after thoughts of how a fall on the blade could be dangerous. But with the lopper cutting end down and handles upward, it may be fine. Just never got around to devising a hanger for that way.


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