Tall Coast Redwoods along Hiking Trail.

Photo use policy for M. D. Vaden

Hyperion thumbnail for websites ... see Wikipedia permission statement below

This photo policy applies to the Largest Coast Redwoods photos, albums and other mdvaden.com images by Mario Vaden.

Hyperion redwood is the tallest tree in the world

It is usually okay to use most photos with an appropriate credit. Do not hot-link to my photos. The right way is to copy to your computer, resize the image, then upload again.

Most images belong to Mario Vaden, copyright 2003 and more recent. If you spot a photograph that fits commercial artwork or business website needs, let me know. Cost depends on use. For non-profit one-time use like school, be sure the copyright, name and website is added to the photo.

For websites

You can use up to a 600 pixel image without asking as long as you include a text link to my site plus put Copyright M. D. Vaden on the image itself. The credit link should read like this, directed to my home page:

Photo by M. D. Vaden Landscaping and Tree


For Hyperion the tallest redwood, do not exceed 150 pixels wide. Likewise include copyright on the image, and the text credit & link:

Photo by M. D. Vaden, Trees and Redwoods

Hyperion image for convenience

The small thumbnail image above is 150 pixels of Hyperion that you can use on your site or blog. It's ready to go: just copy and paste, then add the credit link to your page.


Wikimedia Commons photo permission statement:

Mario Vaden gives permission for several images used at Wikipedia: Michael Taylor 350x467, Lost Monarch, Screaming Titans 400x175, Iluvatar 400x282, Del Norte Titan 230x506, at Wikimedia Creative commons: Lost Monarch, Iluvatar, Del Norte Titan, Michael Taylor.