Redwood Trees in Stout Grove

Oregon Big Tree Registry

The Champion Registry was managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry. They shed that responsibility in 2011. The measurements and archive arevno longer available at their site.


The original collection of species, measurements and nominators was much more complete.

For your convenience, part of the list is provided here:

Species Status Circumference Height Crown Total
Bigleaf Maple
Acer macrophyllum
National Champion 528” 103’ 112’ 659 Maynard Drawson
White Alder
Alnus rhombifolia
National Champion 149” 92’ 40’ 251 Maynard Drawson
Big Sage
Artemisia tridentate
National Co-Champion 20” 13’ 17’ 37 Mark R. Corbet
Giant Chinkapin
Castanopsis chrysophylla
National Champion 182” 106’ 36’ 297 Kim Parsley
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
National Champion 522” 242’ 35’ 773 Donald M. Denniston
California Hazel
Corylus cornuta
var. californica
National Champion 66” 50’ 42’ 127 Tom Morgan
Baker Cypress
Cupressus bakeri
State Champion 107” 98’ 18’ 210 Will Koomjian
Monterey Cypress
Cupressus macrocarpa
State Champion 483” 85’ 85’ 589 Aaron Lesan
Oregon Ash
Fraxinus latifolia
National Champion 285” 81’ 74’ 385 Brian French
Will Koomjian
Black Walnut
Juglans nigra
National Champion 438” 112’ 144’ 586 Dan Tillman
Lithocarpus densiflorus
National Champion 312” 121’ 56’ 447 George Miller
Cucumber Tree
Magnolia acuminate
State Champion 156” 76’ 78’ 151 Brian French
Pacific Bayberry
Myrica californica
National Champion 75” 36’ 33’ 119 Name
Sitka Spruce
Picea sitchensis
State Champion 576” 144’ 93’ 743 Brian French
Limber Pine
Pinus flexilis
State Champion 254” 30.6’ 27’ 292 Gary Dielman
Black Cottonwood
Populus trichocarpa
National Champion 342” 135’ 88’ 499 Maynard Drawson
California black oak
Quercus kelloggii
National Champion 388” 124’ 115’ 491 Ralph E. King
Pacific Rhododendron
Rhododendron macrophyllum
National Co-Champion 37” 24’ 21’ 66 Ronald E. Sjogren
Pacific Red Elder
Sambucus callicarpa
National Champion 56” 27’ 30’ 91 William Schoppert
Oregon White Oak
Quercus garryana
National Champion 276” 93’ 64.5’ 385 Allen Silveus
Pacific Yew
Taxus brevifolia
National Co-Champion 162” 65’ 35’ 236 Oliver Mathews
Western Red Cedar
Thujia plicata
State Champion 588” 154’ 14’ 756 Aaron Lesan
Umbellularia californica
State Champion 501” 88’ 70’ 607 Ken Bigelow

Keep in mind that the Oregon champion registry is based on a point system that combines height, trunk diameter and average crown spread. The species nominated and listed may not necessarily be the actual largest, or the tallest.

For example, in 2011, we found 4 Ponderosa pines, all of which were new world's tallest pines: of any pine species. But we did not nominate them, because they did not have sufficient points to beat the Ponderosa pine champion.

January 2011 Tallest Pine Discovery

Michael Taylor by waterfall in Siskiyou National Forest after pine discovery news story

But each one of the four pines were indisputably the tallest known pines in January 2011. Each one of the four was taller than the previous height record.

And that's the way this registry and nominations works. The standard is controlled by American Forests. It does not ensure a registery of the actual biggest trunk or tallest canopy.

But, basically everything on the list is still impressively large for its species.

The responsibility for keeping track of nominations and measurements was shifted to volunteers or non-profits.

To submit a nomination, acquire the following information:

  • Circumference
  • Height
  • Crown spread
  • Common and scientific name
  • Date measured and by whom
  • Exact location (GPS and map)
  • Owner's name and address
  • Nominator's name and address
  • Any additional information
  • Photograph

Then visit the site below to look for updates and how to submit your nomination.

Ascending the Giants

Use their home page menu to find the page you need. They are among the few who have agreed to help keep track of Oregon's largest woody plants species.

Outside Oregon, look on the American Forests site for your state's register:

American Forests Register Page

That will provide you with names, numbers and locations.