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Neahkahnie Mountain Trail - GPS

Oswald West State Park

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Neahkahnie Mountain is near Manzanita and Nehalem Bay, Oregon, south of Cannon Beach. The image below shows a rocky top about 50 above the trail. In the background are Manzanita, Nehalem Bay and the state park between the beach and the bay.

view toward neahkahnie mountain from beach sand dunes

The trail marker is by a parking area along Oregon coastal highway 101 about 1/2 mile south of the 40 mile marker. There is parking for quite a few vehicles.

The second trail marker is marked Neahkahnie Mountain Trail, about 1.5 miles south of highway 101's 40 mile post: virtually on the fringe of Manzanita. If they are not missing, its between mile posts 41 & 42. At this spot along highway 101, turn east and follow a driveway: signs are posted. Go about 4/10 of a mile. You will see a few residences. There is parking for a few vehicles. Steep switchbacks lead up through meadows for 0.9 mile to a ridgetop junction. Continue straight on the path for 0.6 mile around the wooded mountain before emerging at the summit viewpoint. Total 1.5 miles.

The view includes ocean, Nehalem Bay, Manzanita, Nehalem Bay State Park and Neahkahnie. Once you reach the top, there is a clearing. Look carefully for a small ridge about 80' higher where a survey marker is located. If you reach that ridge top, you can even see Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach to the north.

GPS coordinates at 1680 feet where the photo was taken:

45.746865, -123.952159

There are 2 trailheads. One south near Manzanita and another farther to the north along Hy. 101. One is marked Oregon Coast Trail (free guide link above)

The Neahkahnie Mountain Trail is the shorter 9/10 mile hike. Its been described as a short uphill battle. The longer 2 mile trail obviously less steep. The 2 mile Oregon Coast Trail up Neahkahnie Mountain is what I'd describe as moderate with some easy level stretches. If you take the Oregon Coast Trail segment, you will reach a fork where you can go straight, or turn to the left. Take the quick left turn to reach the top of Neahkahnie Mountain. The views make the trail a worthwhile hike for people of all ages. Neither trail is too long.

This peak is where the Tillamook Indian tribe believed their most powerful god resided. The name Neahkahnie comes from their words Ne (place of) and Ekahnie (supreme deity)

One treasure story from Indian legend, describes an old Spanish shipwreck on the Nehalem spit at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain, believed to be the galleon Xavier. 30 survivors were said to make it to the beach, ferrying treasure ashore. Supposedly they moved a treasure chest up the mountain. Knowing that Indians feared disturbing graves of the dead, the captain shot his Caribbean slave, burying him on top of the treasure. He ordered the remainder of the crew to row him back toward Mexico. In 1931, two treasure hunters died in a collapsed excavation. No treasure has been found. But thousands of hikers have found a wonderful view.

These trails provide roughly 1000 feet of elevation gain. This area of Neahkahnie Mountain is in Oswald West State Park. Neahkahnie Mountain Trail is basically a day use area.