Landscape arborist in Portland Oregon and Mt. Fuji cherry tee

Flowering cherry tree: Prunus serrulata 'Mt. Fuji'

by Mario Vaden: Certified Landscape Technician

The tree above is a Mt. Fuji flowering cherry tree - Wilsonville, Oregon: photo taken March, 2003. We measured the canopy at slightly over 50' wide. You can see Michael Vaden in the middle for size comparison. This shows the mature size of Mt. Fuji flowering cherry. Some references have listed Prunus serrulata or Mt. Fuji flowering cherry as 15' to 25' wide. This page demonstrates the potential size of a Japanese flowering cherry (Mt. Fuji - Prunus serrulata 'Shirotae'). Size is not a problem if pruning is done properly. Actually, the width and height of this Mt. Fuji cherry were slightly constrained by each year's pruning. It could easily have been ' taller, and 8' wider

Mt. Fuji cherry, can grow much better if soil is a bit on the dryer side. It still needs moisture, but not wet. In my college days, an instructor showed us flowering cherry trees in wet soil, and others at the non-irrigated parking area mounds. The ones in the wetter soil had 3" trunks. The ones in the parking lot had 8" trunks and looked better. All the trees were planted at the same time. The Mt. Fuji shown above, was in a well drained lawn are, receiving minimal irrigation.