West Coastal Ocean Region Forest

Ecola State Park & GPS

Clatsop Loop Trail, Indian Beach, Tillamook Head. Hiking.

ecola state park lighthouse near end of Lewis and Clark Expedition

Scenery at Ecola State Park, Indian Beach and Tillamook Head.

The lighthouse and other in the ocean photo are in the Oregon Coast photos. Ecola State Park is about 20 minutes north of Neahkahnie Mountain near Manzanita: Highway 101. GPS:

45.919438, -123.973873 parking at Ecola State Park

45.937086, -124.018817 for Tillamook Rock lighthouse

45.937086, -123.931043 for Indian Beach & Clatsop Loop trail.

These parks, beaches and trails on the Oregon Coast are easy to find. Take Highway 101 to the town of Cannon Beach. The highway 101 exit at the north end of town is most practical. Follow signs or ask for directions to Ecola State Park. The driveway is barely 2 minutes off the coast hightway. The park and lane are at the north edge of Cannon Beach. The same driveway leads to Indian Beach, Tillamook Head and Clatsop Loop Trail which follows the coastline to Seaside.

The other option, is to enter Seaside and find the Tillamook Head and Clatsop Loop Trail parking at the south end of town near the beach. The Clatsop Loop Trail is part of the Oregon Coast Trail that spans most of the Oregon coast.

The park has nice forest evergreens, ferns and other plants, and a wide variety of mushrooms, especially in the autumn. See Oregon Mushroom Photos

Ecola State Park has several trails. Some lead down to the sandy beach with driftwood and interesting rock formations. An upper trail offers scenic views, whale watching in winter and spring, Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, native plants and windblown spruce. Another trail meanders north to Indian Beach. Indian Beach is a long section of beach with sand, boulders, cobble, aquatic animals, tidepools and driftwood.

Clatsop Loop Trail is a hiking trail that crosses Tillamook Head between Indian Beach and the south end of Seaside, Oregon. It offers the opportunity to walk and expore the same path that Captain Clark of the Lewis & Clark Expedition described as "the grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed, in front of a boundless Ocean...."

There are some primitive cabins available at Ecola State Park. Contact the Oregon State Parks about the cabins. Bring a windbreaker or sweatshirt along just in case. Sometimes the wind makes the air seem chilly. The driveway lane has been maintained nicely. It's wide enough for two vehicles, but there is not much room to spare. Be sure to slow down for each curve. Trailers not advised, but a 19 footer should be okay.

At Ecola State Park and Indian Beach, you can clearly see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, once known as "Terrible Tilly" due to the severe winter storms which battered the rock with enormous waves. It is out of service now.