Portland landscape and pruning design

Landscape, garden, soil, tool & tree tips #2

Landscape and garden topics Index #2. This is part two of the landscape and tree advice topic index. Part one can be found here:

Tree and Landscape Advice Part #1

Pruning - General Tips
Including timing, pruning illustrations and feedback from experience

Dark Side of Lasagna Gardening
Also called sheet mulching. Several factors can affect your choice

Sunburn And Trees
How to protect trunks, bark and tissue from harmful light.

Signs of Hazard Trees
Trunks, roots and canopy. At least nineteen things to look for

Lichens Okay For Trees
Note about air quality. Some people mistake lichen for moss

Inosculation: Self-grafted
When cambium of branches or trunks merges together

Pet Birds & Safe Woods *****
Regarding making toys and perches for pet birds like parrots

Transplanting Trees and Shrubs
Successful transplant suggestions for moving the living landscape

Tree and Root Feeding
And beneficial fungi. Feeding is not just about fertilizers

Treehouses and Trees
Plus a few online resources who build or offer resorts in the canopy

Leyland Cypress Grows Money
Best to know in advance, the level of spending, pruning or removal

Walking Sticks
How to make nice looking hiking sticks from branches

Watering Suggestions for Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs and how to keep track of moisture

Tree Care: Suggestions
Different ideas and feedback about care and longterm maintenance

Heat Reflective Window Damage
Potential damage to landscaping from energy efficient windows

Barkdust Mulching
Benefits of barkdust and mulch. Both immediate and long-term

Soil Care Is Essential
Basics about soil, to understand what is happening under the surface

Included Bark & Pruning
Explanation and illustration about included bark and pruning