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Welcome to M. D Vaden. I provide landscaping & pruning in Oregon, surrounding Medford, Jacksonville, Central Point and Ashland. Repeat pruning customers from the Beaverton and Portland westside cities can also call to schedule. Services include skilled pruning, sod lawn, tree and shrub planting, drainage and more. Consultation for trees may be available everywhere between Medford and Crescent City. Over 35 years experience is applied to each service. A favorite is Japanese Maple pruning. Please take a moment to review the background and testimonials.

My landscape work helped people all over the west coast from Humboldt to Longview, but most landscape work is local to Oregon. For tree care please review Pruning Services. Homeowners often call for advice: landscape, tree and drainage consultations which average 1 hour.

improving landscape drainage using auger for Medford soil and tree care

The services extend beyond typical residential landscaping. Two specialized services are tree measuring and photography (plus photography guide) which emerged from experience in Northern California, measuring tallest coast redwoods. Some of the work was research related. That led to photography and fine art prints displayed in two Crescent City galleries, plus portraiture.

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I entered the horticulture profession 1980 with golf courses, followed by university campus work and afterward hundreds of residential landscapes. On another note, the 2nd menu below leads to over 200 pages of landscaping tips and more. This site's "living room" in the background, has extensive Coast Redwood information, one of the best online.

For those who enjoy huge trees check the 2014 largest Sequoia sempervirens discovery.